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Folding and Detachable  Components

4Pong folds and is detachable up for easy storage and transfer. Easley take 4Pong from house to party, pool to beach. Parts are easily fitted together and separated.


Parts Are Made From Durable Plastic

The parts are made form high quality PBA-free plastic. Durable enough to assemble and disassemble time and time again. Water, or beer ;), resistant for fun over and over.


Wall Mounted 

4Pong is able to be mounted on the wall like a dart board. Sometimes games like bags or a beer pong table can take up a lot of space at a party or in a game room. Therefore, 4Pong was designed so that it can be place on the wall out of the way.


How To Play

2 Teams. 
2 Different Colored Balls.
Teams Alternate Shots. 
When a cup is made the ball goes in to the corresponding column.  
First team to 4 in a row wins!

Lots of Ways to Play: 
Head to Head, 2v2, and Party

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Our Team

A salesman, a marketer, and a dentist walk into a bar…

Ilan Fehler


Evan Fehler


Joshua Steinberg


Be The First To Play!