Game Types

Fusion of Beer Pong and 4-In-A-Row

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1 vs 1

One on one! Everything is on your shoulders!  Eye to Eye to see who goes first. Players take turn taking one shot at a time until one play get 4-in-a-row. This game type is about strategy! 

2 vs 2

Grab a teammate! This game play is very similar to 1 vs 1 however you and our buddy can team up! Game still starts with eye to eye. Both players on a team shot then the next team gets their turn. This allows for quick swings and amazing comebacks!   

Party Play (Chaos Mode!)

Get the whole neighborhood! Anyone and Everyone can play. Split into teams and count down. Teams shoot and rebound as fast possible until one team gets 4-in-a-row! Its all about speed! 

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